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Coffee & Scales - Mystical Diminished Land

Triads & Diminished Scales

Breaking up Dim. scales into triads, 6th & 7th chords is good clean fun. No really! If you've never done it, you're really not living your best life (tm Oprah). So let's begin.

1st example: Triads

maj, min, dim triads thru the scale.

Notice you get 4 triads and 4 of the in between diminished position (technical term) up in minor 3rds. Use any combination to create voicings and lines.

2nd example: 7th & 6th Chords

Dom7, Min7, Min7(b5), Dim7, Maj6, Min6 and the in between positions.

Voicing combination can be very dense, so try and use them for good, not eeeville. I use them more for lines than voicings. Piano players: your horn player or singer might not appreciate 8 note chords on every beat....maybe.

I practice them solid and broken with different rhythms.

Print it, Play it! PDF

Print it! Play it! PDF

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