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On the Chemin again! - Coffee & Scales

In a few weeks I'll head out to tour in August. I'm really looking forward to

playing and to seeing some old friends. Playing the music from my new release, Hold On, Let Go.


Aug. 5th Montréal, QC - Dièse Onze My first stop is in Montréal to play a great club called Dièse Onze, (for you music nerds, that means #11 in french). Gary Trembly has an excellent club that always presents top musicians from Canada and abroad. That date will be with my old friends, Andre White (drums) and Adrian Vedady (bass) Andre and Adrian are are always a joy to play with! Andre is a pillar of the Mtl jazz scene and is also a heavy pianist. He's a professor at the McGill jazz school and Quebec is very lucky to have him. Adrian is a very tasteful, creative player with a warm organic sound and is constantly in demand in Quebec, and rightfully so!

Aug. 6th Mont-Tremblant, QC - Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant is in the beautiful Laurentian Mountains. Luc Hamel has put together a wonderful festival and they're celebrating their 10th anniversary this summer. Félicitations Luc! I'll be doing a Mastercass the morning of Aug. 6th and a solo concert later that evening..

Heading Home! ​​

Click here for tickets. Home Home! Aug. 13 Tusket, NS - This is a special one for me. I'll be playing a solo show at my old high school. It's only a few kilometers from when I grew up ( Les Buttes Amirault). They now have a fantastic concert hall with a concert grand. I'll be playing for the Fête Nationale des Acadiens celebrations. I've been working with Clyde Deviller at the Conseil scolaire acadien to set up this performance, and I'm very grateful for this opportunity. This is the second time I've played Salle Père Maurice Leblanc. Going home to play for old friends and relatives is a very moving experience for me.

For more info click the links in the blog and if you're around during any of these dates, please come say hi. Thank you, Steve

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