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No Note Samba - Coffee & Scales

Last night I did a fun gig, great band and cool place. When I showed up I found out that there were 2 broken hammers.......Bb next to middle C and another Bb 2 octaves lower. I've been to that club to hear the bands several times, I always enjoy it, but mostly can only hear the pno during the pno solos, and still not very well.

We all know that having a good acoustic is the best....everyone and everything sounds better, not just the pianist. But if it's not in good shape, everyone and everything does not sound better and the fun factor take a dip. ​​

I know pianos are very difficult and expensive to maintain ( hey... just like pianists). Especially in a club where it's played hard and loud every night. And often, keeping the instrument in good shape tends to be low on the priorities list.

When I was touring with the Rankin Sisters we carried a digital keyboard for the rooms that didn't have real pianos. Sometimes because of the state of the house instrument, I would use it anyway. I remember one place where I set up the electric and asked to have the "real" piano moved aside..... oh the vibe, oh the vibe! "but it's a Mercedes" yes it is, but it has no steering wheel or tires.

On that same tour I saw my first ever baby grand shell. "Just slide your keyboard in here, fits right in and looks so much better." I thought that that was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard, but now after years of playing poorly maintained instruments, I'm not so sure anymore.

Since I started singing I've become a little less rigid about playing digital keyboards and just want to perform the best I can in any given situation. Of course I know that there is nothing better than a great piano. The music is soooooo much better.

But if no one can hear the difference....... "Just slide your keyboard in here".......I guess......

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